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1. To continue releasing games for the whole family

Behind every Stories game, there is a team of professionals working full-time to provide the best possible experience, and like any other job we need to pay their salary, their tools and other obligations.

All Stories games are released with a free trial version, to play freely and determine whether the product meets your expectations before making the investment. You can unlock the full content through a single payment, valid for a lifetime. It will be explicitly informed that real money is required and adult assistance will be required to complete the transaction.

2. Because Stories does not display advertising to protect children

The American Academy of Pediatrics, like many other international associations, considered inappropriate to display advertising to children under 8 years of age, as they are cognitively defenseless against it, exposing them to unhealthy consumption habits and negatively contributing in their behaviour and personality development. For that reason and therefore SUBARA will never display advertising in Stories games.

3. Because SUBARA does not sell your privacy to anyone

SUBARA games scrupulously comply with the COPPA directive to protect the privacy of the entire family, especially of children under 13 years of age. We do not collect any kind of personal data.

It's required full internet access during the entire process to restore purchases.

-> If you bought the full version of the game directly through an initial payment in the App Store, download the game using the same account with which the original purchase was made and the game will be downloaded at no additional cost.

-> If you upgraded to the full version from the free version:

1. Open the game with which you want to restore your purchase.
2. On the initial screen, tap on the “Parental Control“ button (at the top left of the screen).
3. Once inside the “Parental Control“ section, tap on “Restore purchase“ button.
4. A window will show requesting you to enter the Apple ID of the account that was used to make the purchase of the full version.
5. After entering the correct Apple ID and after a few seconds, the full version of the game will be unlocked.
To restore a purchase made on Google Play for Android, make sure you downloaded the game using the same account from which you purchased the full version upgrade. Once you start the game, please wait a few seconds with Internet connection, and the content will be automatically unlocked.
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