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About Us

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We build digital experiences filled with fun and creativity, that sparks the imagination of million of players of any age and from any corner of the world, like you.

Subara captures the idea of being 'best-in-class'. As both individuals and as a collective, it is in the Subara nature to seek excellence in everything we do; from how we design our games to how we design the world around us. We build digital experiences that are filled with fun and creativity that sparks the imagination of millions of players of any age and from any corner of the world.Our ethos is underpinned by this quest to be the best humans and company we can be, whether this is through planting trees to help rebuild the world or producing great games to entertain, educate, and enlighten players, inspiring them to be the best version of themselves.





To harness the power of play so that together we can change the world for the better.


We entertain, engage and inspire by crafting exciting digital worlds filled with stimulating visuals, emotive soundtracks and thoughtful, empathetic content that immerses players and inspires them to make meaningful changes in their daily lives.

We throw out the rule book, challenge conventions and always seek to set a new standard. We empower others and lead the way through our own meaningful actions.

We put players, excitement and imagination first.


We create unforgettable games that do good.

What we believe in

Our values guide every decision we make and are the backbone of our success.

Fun and play come first.

We are serious about fun and the magical power of play and the spellbinding joy it creates to educate, inspire, thrill, empower and solve problems. There’s an excitable side to all of us – we are always ready for our next adventure! Ready set go!

Our biggest competitor is us.

We are in our own race and are unrelenting in our pursuit of constant improvement and excellence. We don't worry about how others have done it, but how we can surpass our own position on the leaderboard.

We live to do things differently.

We are fuelled by our creative enthusiasm and imagination. We dare to dream big and challenge conventions, forever searching for new ways to innovate and excite. Our process is an adventure and we are along for the ride.

We do what’s right not what’s easy.

Our players and planet come before our profits. We learn from our mistakes, live by our principals and lead through example.

We create memorable and meaningful experiences.

Our actions speak louder than our words and we believe the time spent absorbed by our screens can be as meaningful as it is engaging. We support and advocate for the things that matter most.

You play,
we plant.

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